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Trainees Urged to Pour Their Passion into the Online Space

The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) is a community organization of Kenyan bloggers and content creators that promotes online content creation & free expression in Kenya. As part of our mandate, we hold and facilitate workshops and skills training sessions for bloggers, online content creators and university students.  We hold skills training and presentation workshops with Kenyan youth and concerned individuals on the basics of blogging, social media online freedoms and fake news which…

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Organizations to seek permission before collecting personal data

Did you know that as an individual, Kenyan companies that have your personal information will have to be granted permission by you before collecting, processing or storing personal data? This... Read More The post Organizations to seek permission before collecting personal data appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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Kylie Jenner and all my other sisters are very hardworking women- Kim

Mzurii - 15/Jul/2018

Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner made it onto Forbes’ 2018 list of the 60 Richest Self-Made Women, with their cosmetics businesses accounting for the majority of their wealth. After launching her lipstick and cosmetic line, Kylie Jenner is thou…

Speeding matatu kills 70-year old granny at Njomoko.

Thika Town Today - 15/Jul/2018

The situation early Sunday afternoon after angry residents blocked the Thika superhighway following the death of a 70-year old woman who was knocked dead by a speeding matatu as she attempted to cross the road. A pedestrian was knocked dead at Njomok…


Hadithi Hadithi - 15/Jul/2018

  When it comes to legends of Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow is a favorite of most especially to those nouveau to the historical phenomena. Others that get a notable mention is Black Beard alias Edward Teach who is reputed to have li…

ያልተጠበቀ – INSECURE

littlegreynotepad - 14/Jul/2018

The desk is old. It was once brown, but years of use have turned it into a dirty shade of black. A young man nervously knocks on the desk. He bites his lower lip like a child would bite at a fruit, slowly, carefully, but like he is incapable of takin…

My Heart is not Yours

Poetic Justness... Love & Life - 14/Jul/2018

No hurt hurts more unlessit’s the heart that’s brokenyou only wish you were wiserwhen the feelings you had have been trampled   Pain piercing your soul before tears could form the fightsthat you hoped shall end one daynow a mosaic before you. N…


Mtoto News - 13/Jul/2018

By Constance Ndeleko We don’t call them care givers but they are Teachers trained professionally to impact knowledge to our children however, they deserve utmost respect from us all. They deserve a better pay, better environment, a better employer…



The guy seemed to be struggling to keep his hands off the young lady and given the opportunity he would probably do some very naughty and nasty things to her.

Technology Trends Shaping the Hospitality Sector

ADVENTURE 254 - 11/Jul/2018

Technology is progressively becoming the backbone of the hospitality sector, and the impact is significantly being felt by hoteliers in their interactions with consumers. Below are some of the trends shaping the sector, as highlighted on the 2018 Jum…

Wardrobe Staples.

Haute Explorer - 11/Jul/2018

Hi! What are some of the clothes from the list that you don’t have? On my side, I don’t have the military jacket, white sneakers, black stiletto and a cool clutch purse. Let me in the comments section some essentials in your wardrobe that should…