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BAKE Submits Memorandum to Have Bloggers and Social Media Registration Bill Shelved

The Public Participation forum on the proposed provisions on blogging and social media in the Kenya Information and Communications (Amendment) Bill KICA was held on Monday at the County hall, where the public had the opportunity to submit their representations to the Kenya National Assembly Information, Communication and Innovation Committee. The bill in contention, sponsored by Malva MP, Moses Injendi, seeks to amend the KICA act to provide for stringent measures in social media regulation. The…

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Kenya Government made 5 Requests for User Data between January and June 2019

The Kenyan government has made 5 requests for user data between January and June 2019. According to Facebook, governments request for data for one reason or the other, as long... Read More The post Kenya Government made 5 Requests for User Data between January and June 2019 appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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[Action required] Your Trial has Expired - Thu Nov 21 2019

Twende Na Mwende - 21/Nov/2019

Your trial has expired. Please update your subscription plan at

Witness In Monica Juma Trial, Indentifies Jowie As The Last Person Seen With Her

NewsDay Kenya - 20/Nov/2019

A witness has identified Joseph Irungu alias Jowie as the last person seen with businesswoman Monica Kimani before she was found dead in her house in Nairobi. Lee Omondi, a friend of the late Monica, described their final moments at her house at…

How To Apply For 2020 Wings To Fly Sec School Scholarships

Loans Kenya Blog - 20/Nov/2019

Applications are now open for the KCPE 2019 students who wish to join the wings to fly scholarship program by Equity bank and Mastercard.Forget marks, this year the bank is asking for other eligibility criteria in order to pick really deserving candi…

Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 8 Full Specifications and Price in Kenya - 20/Nov/2019

The Redmi NOTE 8 costs KES. 19,999 and for that price you get a 6.3 inch Full HD display, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, and a 48MP main back camera. There’s a quad-camera setup at the back – which is exciting for its price point.

The Nigerian who defrauded Banks Millions In Nairas From A Maximum Prison

CHETENET - 20/Nov/2019

Nigerian enforcers are now regretting granting ‘freedom’ to a prisoner at Kirikiri Maximum Security Prison after he pulled a major fraud through a network of accomplices. Hope Olusegun Aroke a Nigerian citizen is the mastermind of a $ 1Million fr…


Dodu Nims - 20/Nov/2019

The hike started with breakfast at Crave Kitchen, a restaurant that takes your breath away…

Celebrating 30 years of The Rights of the Child

Mtoto News - 20/Nov/2019

By Khadija Mbesa Every right for every child, it’s been 30 years since the introduction of the rights of the children, 30 years of children enjoying their rights, but still we have a long way to ensure that every child out there gets a taste of the…

You Can Either Wait For Things To Happen Or Go Out And Make Them Happen

Kuza Blog - 20/Nov/2019

A story is told of a King who asked his subjects to always cover the ground he walked on with a carpet, of course this was before man knew what shoes were .So to overcome the hardships of stepping on uneven ground and stones the king required everywh…

The Vertex Necklace Ft Kipato Unbranded

Just Redinta - 20/Nov/2019

I’ll be honest, I will miss flaunting my chubby legs in short outfits. But before we get to the rainy season, lets get the most. On the other hand I’m excited it is colder. That means more content, easier shooting days and recording videos which…

An Atheist is a Big Fool

Unbounded Wisdom - 20/Nov/2019

‘The wonders and balance of nature and the marvelous physics of flight present the truths of our Creator in ways simply too overwhelming to discount.’ – Robert Firth, Atheists Are Idiots An atheist is a fool because he lacks judgment and pruden…