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Win for freedom of expression as Judge lifts ban on ‘Rafiki’ film

Justice Wilfrida Okwany has today granted conservatory orders, allowing for the showing of Rafiki film to Kenyans, in a decision that safeguards freedom of expression and freedom of artistic creativity. In her ruling, following an application by filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu and the Creative Economy Working Group (CEWG),  she issued orders temporarily lifting the ban on Rafiki until 30th September 2018, pending hearing and determination of the case. The case seeks to challenge the Constitutionality of…

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How private data was used during the 2017 Kenyan election

Tactical Tech’s Data and Politics research teams set out to investigate how personal and individual data was being utilized in modern digitized political campaigns. By working with various stakeholders in... Read More The post How private data was used during the 2017 Kenyan election appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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These 4 Things Are Crucial If You Want To Sell Your Product Online

EnterprenuerSecrets - 21/Sep/2018

If you want your business to be as successful as possible, you will need to sell online. However, doing so is more than just posting pictures of products and hoping they reach the right person. In fact, optimizing your website, your marketing, and th…

The First Love By Beverly Lewis

Kerry's Blog - 20/Sep/2018

Title: The First Love Author: Beverly Lewis Publisher: Bethany House Publication Date: 04 September 2018 Genre: Amish Fiction, Christian Fiction Maggie Esh is a young Amish woman who hopes to find the love of her life and settle down once she is bapt…

The last wilderness

Travel by Ray - 20/Sep/2018

My my my! Isn’t this post long over due! I do not even know where to start, how about the …Continue reading →…

The Hidden Truth About the Power of Your Mind

The Mieles - 19/Sep/2018

Have you ever done something that, for the longest time, you thought you couldn’t do? What happened? I am the one person who truly believes in the power of the mind. I have experienced it and also witnessed others change because they started believ…


Breakthrough Counselling Centre - 19/Sep/2018

Once in a while, it is normal to feel depressed, lonely and discouraged. However, do not get too comfortable with these feelings when you experience…

Wedding Shenanigans

AfroMapenzi - 19/Sep/2018

Yesterday as I was running some errands I realized something… Ever since I was a child I was always a flower girl. My mother unfortunately didn’t pass that opportunity to dress me up in colourful dresses, hats and lacy socks. I remember carrying…

The Predicament, Death of 12 New born infants

Mtoto News - 19/Sep/2018

Constance Ndeleko Human Life must be Protected! Says the Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi ‘Sonko’ after an impromptu visit at the Pumwani hospital on Monday and brought into lime lite the discovery of 12 corps of infants stashed in boxes wrapped toget…

Will I Never Just be Enough

Hadithi Hadithi - 18/Sep/2018

  He leaned in to kiss her gently and said, “Darling you’re so beautiful. You’re so special. If only we weren’t so different.” He gripped her in his fierce embrace and emerged from his delirious pleasure whispering, “You’re too good fo…

Road to Mombasa

Empirical Kosholo - 18/Sep/2018

If you have a chin full of beard. You are favored by God. If your friends are not in Snapchat. You are somehow favored. The true indication that your are mostly favored is by getting a bus seat next to someone pleasant. When I count my blessings I co…

In Food Crisis of Own Making

The Bahatian - 17/Sep/2018

Mr Mkulima is a farmer of renown this part of our village. He is a noted hardworking man no wonder praiseworthy names have been ascribed to him as titular honours. The one we've come to associate him with is that of Farmer Number One.   Before each…