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Ken Juma: on knowing who you are and enjoying life as it comes

Ken Juma’s perspective on life is one that I haven’t seen, well, read in a long, long time. He is someone I feel would be very interesting having deep, meaningful conversations with. In a world where most people strive to hide their imperfections, Ken laughs at his failures and then learns from them. Never letting them hold him back. He started his blog as a way of ranting about life’s strangeness, as a way of having unfiltered conversations, as a way of encouraging people that it is okay…

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President Kenyatta nominates former IEBC Director Immaculate Kassait as data commissioner

President Uhuru Kenyatta has nominated former Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) director Immaculate Kassait as Kenya’s first Data Commissioner. This is to give effect to the Data Protection Act. Speaking at the National Assembly, Speaker Justin Muturi, announced the nomination saying, “I wish to report to the house that I have received a message […] The post President Kenyatta nominates former IEBC Director Immaculate Kassait as data commissioner appeared first on iFre…

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realme Buds Q Hits The Kenyan Market At Ksh 4000

The Business Watch - 25/Oct/2020

The world’s fastest-growing smartphone maker, realme has introduced realme Buds Q in the Kenyan market.... The post realme Buds Q Hits The Kenyan Market At Ksh 4000 appeared first on The Business Watch.

The Absence Of VCs In Kenya Is Quite Conspicuous Yet Ignored

WeeTracker - 24/Oct/2020

The “expat bias” that appears to pervade Kenya’s tech startup ecosystem is a The post The Absence Of VCs In Kenya Is Quite Conspicuous Yet Ignored appeared first on WeeTracker.

The hidden gem PART 2

mamlipsete - 23/Oct/2020

We would now seriously involve Maama in our reading. She was elated, she read all the books we brought from school, all, especially Dafu and mine. Saumu’s a,e,i,o,u was too easy for her. She in turn urged me to improve my spelling. “Environment.…

Safaricom CEO: ‘We plan to take M-Pesa to a new level’

Kenyan News Trends - 22/Oct/2020

In an interview with CNN’s Richard Quest, the CEO of Safaricom PLC, Peter Ndegwa, outlined how he expects M-Pesa to develop in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking on Quest Means Business, Ndegwa also states that the company is rolling ou…

Reopening the Post-Covid 19 Workplace; Safety Measures

Brighter Monday Career and Recruitment Partner - 22/Oct/2020

Many businesses are gaining momentum as the lockdown eases post Covid-19 crisis. Reopening the post-Covid 19 workplaces is certainly going to come with its own safety measures and considerations; something that businesses are yet to adapt to. Some bu…

How to Clear Your COVID-19 Debt Before Another Emergency

Zed The Financialist - 21/Oct/2020

We’re all tempted by something. Its either eating out, indulging, splurging or on luxuries. Whatever your biggest temptation is, it’s best to avoid it altogether when you’re paying back/ or have a debt.

Two schools closed in Mombasa over Covid19

Mtoto News - 21/Oct/2020

By Collins Orono Learning at Star of the Sea High School and Tononoka High School in Mombasa County has been suspended after 15 teachers tested positive for Covid-19. Four teachers at Star of the Sea Primary School including the principal and 11 tea…

What is your Name?

MwalimusMind - 21/Oct/2020

Some days are good, other days are bad, but some, some are both. I talk about the day I stopped teaching in my book, and I mention that it was also the day that I became a freelancer. I forgot to say that it was also the day that I felt seen by someo…

Cycle 4 Fun: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Maverick - 14/Oct/2020

With the continued absence of contact sports like rugby and football, non-contact sports like cycling and golf have become a safe haven for fitness enthusiasts and individuals looking to have fun and network. Cycling in particular has witness a sharp…



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