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Starting A Podcast

Still, on the podcast, the last time I introduced you to a podcast, highlighting some high points of everything you need to know and definitely left lots of blank spots but worry no more cause on this post some of the questions are gonna be answered and will tackle the others in the next post about podcasts. Fun fact about podcasts; did you know that podcast comes from the name iPod and iPods were made for podcasts by Apple Inc. BAKE Kenya has introduced a podcast category in its annual awards.

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Machakos County Government Interdicts Dr Alice Kasyoka For Allegedly Publishing Derogatory Post on Facebook

The county government of Machakos has interdicted Dr Alice Kasyoka Isike, an obstetrics Gynaecologist in the Machakos level 5 hospital for allegedly publishing a derogatory post on social media, on 25th Feb regarding county... Read More The post Machakos County Government Interdicts Dr Alice Kasyoka For Allegedly Publishing Derogatory Post on Facebook appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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Why Facebook pages are becoming irrelevant by the day

Moshek Africa - 20/May/2019

Page owners promoted their platforms and amassed hundreds, millions, and thousands of followers. The advantage of following a page was that you would be among the first to see any post through the news feed. However, things have changed over the year…

Microsoft launch Lagos Africa Development Center

MCGH - 19/May/2019

Microsoft officially launched Lagos Africa Development Center site at an event in Nigeria. The Lagos team will develop Azure services that power new Augmented Reality experiences for Microsoft’s mixed reality platform. An investment that will enabl…

Kamenu Bodabodas “Gun Down” Thika Police.

Thika Town Today - 19/May/2019

Thika residents were on Saturday treated to a thrilling football friendly match between bodaboda operators and Thika police officers at the MKU Graduation Pavilion Grounds where the riders won the match 3-2. In the first of its kind in the area, the…

Lord,will you meet me here?

Champagne Violinist - 18/May/2019

  Hey people,   When I first started my faith walk, I was more interested in being perfect than being real. It became goal oriented for me. I wanted to read the Bible in one year, so I did. Took notes. And If I skipped a day, I was keen on keeping…

Curbing Low Birth Weight, Infants Survival

Mtoto News - 18/May/2019

By Constance Ndeleko Around 1 in 7 of all the babies worldwide are born with a low birth weight-less than 2500 or 5.5 pounds. More than 80% of the 2.5 million newborns who die every year are of low birth weight. Low birth weight babies who survive ha…

Wine, Sex & Chill | The Meaning of Sexual Consent

Nimu's Lifestyle - 18/May/2019

Consent is needed every singe to you have sex.


musyimisue - 17/May/2019

In a world full of unseen demons and monsters, one’s choice is usually to escape from it. To run from their problems. To try and escape their troubles. Even for a few seconds. To hide their pain. Deny their suffering. Accepting the demons they hide…

MMUST Scandal:Prof. Bosire, Rachel Atamba and Rev. Omwoha in Focus

MMUST NEWS™- Campus Blog - 17/May/2019

The acting VC, Bosire, was recently overheard telling a team of his henchmen that he was the most relieved person now that Bundi had been removed as the MMUST council chair. He complained that Bundi together with the Unions were virtually running MMU…

YouTube updates full screen UI to include options to like and share videos - 17/May/2019

One of the common pain points when using YouTube Mobile on full screen (landscape) mode is that you have to go back to portrait mode when you want to like or share a video. This obviously hurts the user experience and engagement. Probably due to that…

Nairobi International Cultural Festival, June 8 2019 @ Nairobi National Museum

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events - 16/May/2019

Date: June 8, 2019 Venue: Nairobi National Museum Time: 10 am – 5 pm Entry: Free Advertisements…