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How to Choose a Relevant Topic for Your New Blog

By Kevin Muthami You now want to start your blogging journey. Before you start a blog, there are considerations to be made: the blog’s title, the design, whether or not you’ll be self-hosting with the big boys, et cetera. One aspect of your blog you should never ignore is the content. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how much I’ve seen bloggers’ content play second fiddle to obtrusive features. (I’m looking at people with blogs that automatically play Flash media when visite…

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The Impact of Social Media Tax in Uganda on Access, Usage, Income and Productivity

Following a brief tweet stating that ‘social media encourages gossip’ by President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, a new tax was introduced by the Ugandan Parliament on July 1st, 2018 requiring... Read More The post The Impact of Social Media Tax in Uganda on Access, Usage, Income and Productivity appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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6 Easy Tips To Improve The Security On Your Farm

Farmers#Trend - 20/Feb/2019

Most farms consist of a large land area to allow ample space for plants to thrive. However, along with its vastness, owners may have a difficult time monitoring it and security may be costly. If […] The post 6 Easy Tips To Improve The Security On Y…


Kane's Kitchen Affair - 20/Feb/2019

If you’ve been my reader for a while, you must’ve caught up by now that I have a very special relationship with chicken. A big part of this is because we grew up eating lots of chicken (and its organs, i.e gizzards and livers) because […]…

You can now reverse M-Pesa transactions using the mySafaricom App - 20/Feb/2019

mySafaricom App now supports the options to reverse M-Pesa transactions. The feature is now available for those using the latest version of the mySafaricom App. Previously, you had to send the transaction message to Safaricom to reverse an erroneous…

Kenyatta family linked with JKIA takeover

Bizna Kenya - 20/Feb/2019

JKIA Takeover: The Kenyatta family has been linked with the Kenya Airways bid to take over the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. According to reports, the link is facilitated by a bank that is controlled by the Kenyattas. The bank holds a signific…


KINASISI - 20/Feb/2019

Rarely do I tell folks my age. Because whenever I do, hell breaks loose. And I get all manner of comments. “Damn! You’re so young, you can’t write like that.” “No! There’s no way on Jesus’ blood that you can be that age.” “Osoch,…


Champagne Violinist - 19/Feb/2019

Faith. We usually hear this word when we’re having a bit of a bad day. “Have some faith things will get better!” People say. But what is faith? Depends on who you ask, honestly Faith (n)-complete trust or confidence in someone or something.But…

Comparison: Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 vs Nokia 5.1 Plus - 19/Feb/2019

Comparing the new Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 with the Nokia 5.1 Plus Android One device. Which of the two should you go with?

Wacha niKwambie talks to Interior Designer Nzisa Kioko

Wacha niKwambie - 19/Feb/2019

Home truly is where the heart is. A sanctuary, a place of love, rest and rejuvenation. Wacha niKwambie blog had the pleasure of interviewing Nzisa Kioko, a fledgling Interior Designer and Graduate of the University of Nairobi on some aspects of Inter…

Review: Safaricom Jazz Festival 2019

Jazz Symphonic - 19/Feb/2019

Miller was a killer. His performance was superb. Marcus truly rounded off a stunning #Safaricom jazz performance with his astounding performance. The post Review: Safaricom Jazz Festival 2019 appeared first on Jazz Symphonic.

Impact of Pollution Control on Blue Economy

Kenya Engineer - 19/Feb/2019

Pollution is the presence of matter (gas, liquid, solid) or energy (heat, noise, radiation) whose nature, location or quantity directly or indirectly alters characteristics or processes of any part of the environment and causes (or has potential to c…