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Renee; Reborn!

“You’d see how my tongue folds when you kiss me. No part of my mouth wants you in it. You don’t notice that you kiss a dry mouth. My saliva runs for dear life; wants no mingling with your cheating, contaminated saliva. My lips want no part of your marauding lips…” reads an excerpt from Renne Murrey’s latest blog post. She embodies strength and resilience. Her passion for the woman is intense, seeping through her words which are honest and thought-provoking. With a personality so fier…

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KQ suspends employee for allegedly sharing a video of Chinese plane arrival on social media

A Kenya Airways employee has been suspended indefinitely for allegedly recording and sharing a video clip on social media, the arrival of a China Southern Airline plane at Jomo Kenyatta... Read More The post KQ suspends employee for allegedly sharing a video of Chinese plane arrival on social media appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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Short-cut to success

kingekevin - 28/Feb/2020

You can succeed in everything with great habits. You don’t need to lose weight, you just need better eating habits then you’ll achieve your ideal weight, You don’t need more money- (okay, you do but you can better manage what you have before yo…

Live Afro-Fusion Music: Rabuko Sessions ft. Fadhilee, Mar. 4 2020 @ Rabuko Bistro, The Mall, Ground Floor – Westlands

Nairobi Now :: arts, culture and events - 28/Feb/2020

Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 Venue: Rabuko Bistro, The Mall – Westlands Time: from 7.30 pm Entry: Free…


Mtoto News - 28/Feb/2020

Busia Wednesday February 26, 2020 KNA by Salome Alwanda Parents urged to take their children to school at the right time Busia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri has urged the local residents to take their children to school at an appropriate age. Sp…

Soft Power Performances Reveal Just How Much Global Reputation African Countries Are Lacking

WeeTracker - 28/Feb/2020

The best way for African countries to get ink on their papers of The post Soft Power Performances Reveal Just How Much Global Reputation African Countries Are Lacking appeared first on WeeTracker.

Is Image Everything ?

Lucas Marang'a - 28/Feb/2020

We spend money we don't have to buy things we don't need to impress people we don't like.

BrighterMonday Customer Success Stories: Carlcare Service

Brighter Monday Career and Recruitment Partner - 27/Feb/2020

Carlcare Service Limited is an international professional after-sales service company for mobile phones, tablets, home appliances and lighting devices. They aim at providing professional, timely and high-quality repair services to clients across 50 c…

Don’t Let the Society’s Idea of Success Drive You Crazy

Unbounded Wisdom - 27/Feb/2020

 ‘I desire a good life for my family, but that does not have to include a range of cars, a yacht in every port or another million.’ – Philip Gardiner According to modern society, a successful individual is any person with lots of money, mansio…

Who’s timing is it anyway ?

Mama Cekes speaks - 25/Feb/2020

When Bible says that there is time for everything, it really means that there is time for everything.  When we read says that there are seasons for everything it really means that. When we read in the Bible that every good and perfect gift comes fro…

The Ignored One- Childhood Emotional Support….

The Mehul Blogs - 25/Feb/2020

Good Evening Peeps…. 25/02/2020 #39 Physical abuse can leave physical scars, while emotional abuse leaves psychic ones, but what about emotional neglect? The absence of emotional support in childhood can be as damaging and long-lasting as…

Why Diaspora Kenyans come back home broke

The Diary of a Madwoman - 24/Feb/2020

I don’t know whether you have seen the video of a Kenyan lady who is living in the streets after coming back home from the US. Apparently, she was deported after being abroad from 21 years because she did not have the right documentation. I had so…