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Business Human Rights is not Corporate Social Responsibility

In the past, companies have approached human rights issues through their corporate social responsibility (CSR). This, however, gave them the freedom to choose which initiatives to undertake. As a result, many companies violated human rights, while hiding under the cover of CSR. But as Mercy Mutemi, a digital rights lawyer of MS law, the business models are problematic, to begin with. Speaking at our webinar on Business and Human rights, she reiterated that businesses are supposed to think of the…

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Kenya to tax online businesses starting January 1, 2020

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)  will start demanding a 1.5 per cent digital tax on the value of digital transactions effective January 1, 2021. The move by Kenya Revenue Authority to tax online business will be as per the Finance Act 2020, in order to widen the tax base in the country. In their Twitter account, […] The post Kenya to tax online businesses starting January 1, 2020 appeared first on iFreedoms Kenya.

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African Content/Creative Startup Bites The Dust After Botched USD 350 K Gig

WeeTracker - 13/Aug/2020

Chidi Afulezi, co-founder of the now-defunct aKoma, summed it up in a recent The post African Content/Creative Startup Bites The Dust After Botched USD 350 K Gig appeared first on WeeTracker.

More girls at risk of being married off due to climate change

Mtoto News - 13/Aug/2020

Climate change is increasingly putting more girls at risk of being married off at a young age.

The belated sorry PART 2

mamlipsete - 13/Aug/2020

“A leopard truly cannot change it’s  spots.” Isabel who had been watching from her office television remarked. Then her receptionist knocked on her door. Isabel muted her television to hear what she had to say. “Excuse me Attorney, the LA se…

The Other Side of Gossip

WALK WITH ME - 12/Aug/2020

By Mical Imbukwa It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I am at this neighborhood beauty parlor. Sometimes I do my nails here when I am not able to go to town. Here it is never boring because there are always juicy stories about people. The last ti…

“I will condemn you to a fate far worse than death.”

Clarie's Ramblings - 12/Aug/2020

Meditation on (the catharsis) of violence and punishment/(as) justice.  Klaus, The Originals, has uttered variations of this title numerous times.  I think I, like a lot of people, are drawn to powerful characters because there’s so much that is…

Distress Sale: When do you pull the plunge?

Zed The Financialist - 12/Aug/2020

A distressed sale occurs when someone sells property, securities, or other assets in an urgent manner ─ usually at a loss ─ to cover substantial debts as quickly as possible. This pandemic is one of the most significant eyeopener when it come…

Figuring Out the Love Life- Seriously Single

Filmi Very Filmi - 12/Aug/2020

Hot packs, good looks, loads of booze. Yes, that’s the fun you are going to have in Seriously Single before we get to the serious stuff. The film is a breath of fresh air on the dating scene and yes there are happy endings in this one too. This Sou…

WEEKLY REVIEWS - 10/Aug/2020

The revelations that only siblings of the ruling elite families in this ‘our’ Kenya are the sole beneficiaries of the latest presidential appointments had me swallowing involuntarily and I abandoned all hope of ever salvaging trust in this system…

Olohoro Onyore

Travel by Ray - 10/Aug/2020

Hi there, i trust you’ve been well and keeping safe during these difficult times. It’s really been a while since i last sat down and left you something here to read am not sure i remember how i used to do it but i’ ll give it a try, i can’t b…

Post COVID-19 Organisational Changes to Prepare For

Brighter Monday Career and Recruitment Partner - 09/Aug/2020

That the workplace has changed is no longer a matter of contention. From social distancing to the need to stay at home, organizations are having to review their workplace systems and cultures to ensure they don’t become a hotbed for COVID-19 transm…