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Malindians is a blog that looks towards putting Malindi Town as one of the top travel destinations in Kenya. We are dedicated towards giving information on various segments of the travel industry including Malindi Kenya hotels, Resorts, Villa, attra…



At Shaboard, we write content revolving around women and girls empowerment issues with the aim to educate and inspire the future generation of women leaders and entrepreneurs. We believe Strong Women make Strong Communities.


Thika Town Today

Thika Town Today, Telling the Thika Story as it is.


A Summer Bunny

My blog is a blog for Kenyans living in Diaspora. I have lived in the USA, Dubai and Sweden. I write about the issues that affect us, interesting news and chalenges experienced by a person living abroad.


Telling The Stories That Count

This blog seeks to tell feminist stories especially on issues relating to young women. It is my hope that I will be able to highlight stories that telling positive stories about young women and that will also inspire young women to be more aggressive…



Through this blog, we welcome you to join our journey as we challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zones, and be where the action (activism) is.


The Diary of a Madwoman

This blog was inspired by a series of weird events that happened to me as I began settling down in Sweden. I share my journey and unique happenings that pass my way...


Beyond The Lines

Beyond the Lines is an online insurgency to counter the narratives of violent extremists. The main aim is to inspire people to think, speak and act beyond the lines of violent extremists’ narratives through educating people on the consequences of r…


Embu Yetu

At Embu Yetu we seek to empower, through the dissemination of informative & educative content to the online community. we are the alternative voice for the society by addressing communication gaps that mainstream media has ignored We highlight what…


Mtaani Kibera

Kibera, located 6.6 kilometers from Nairobi’s City Centre is the largest urban slum in Africa. The 2009 Kenyan census reported Kibera’s population at 107,070. However, it is currently estimated that she harbors about 1000,000 residents. The slum…


Online Fundraising in Kenya

We give you all the information you need on Online fundraising in Kenya as we also tell our fundraiser's unique stories.



my blog is about telling the african stories since i felt the african story is not told by africans themselves ,i created this platform to document stories of youth and community members creating cahnge at the grassrootlevel but are never covered b…