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4sightsite - 16/Jan/2019

Whoever sent one David Murathe to cry a mutiny hit the jackpot.The jubilee point man and vice chair has with his “unguarded” mouth let the cat out of the bag.Now all the hounds are baying for his innocent blood.They are calling him a non entity. read


okachformusungu - 16/Jan/2019

Play  by HENRIK IBSEN Analysis by MUSUNGU OKACH Play Summary and about the author There are those stereotypes that some people and the general public regard as truth. There equally are certain issue that people consider as the best conduct in the so… read

Tips to help Children deal with Tension during Disasters

Mtoto News - 16/Jan/2019

Dealing with children and disaster questions... read

Africa’s Travel and Tourism Top 2018 Highlights

ADVENTURE 254 - 16/Jan/2019

Africa’s travel and tourism industry continued to record impressive growth in the past year. The continent hit a 63 million high in international tourist arrivals in 2017, as compared to 58 M in 2016 (+ 9% vs 2016); according to a Hospitality Repor… read


KINASISI - 16/Jan/2019

There are many ways a comrade can be shocked. Surprised to the extent of being knocked out cold or having a heart attack. There is this girl, of there must be a girl, you have been texting with her. You cross paths along the corridors of academia, sh… read

The Mwauras: We found a Calling in Gospel Music

The Bahatian - 15/Jan/2019

  I can say that we unofficially launched our gospel ministry during our wedding day in November of 1988. I had met my wife, Lydia Indeche Were, during our student days at the Kenya Technical Trainers College (KTTC) and ours was love at first sight… read

The Fear of Social Media – A Personal Story

The Mieles - 15/Jan/2019

This is the first post in the Reina's Life section and definitely the most personal post as at now. One of my new year resolutions for this blog is to write more relatable and personal stories. The fear of social media has been a part of me for quite… read

Dagoz: An artist’s Venue

Jazz Symphonic - 15/Jan/2019

Behind an assuming door, lies Dagoz; a tiny unique space that comes off like a dive bar. Since its inception in 2018, it is one of the busiest live music… The post Dagoz: An artist’s Venue appeared first on Jazz Symphonic. read

Snakes and Floating Restaurants in Nairobi.

kemzykemzy - 14/Jan/2019

I am still crossing/ticking off my 2019 bucket list. Of all the random plans I have made so far in this month, this tops the…… read

It’s Okay To Have A Female Best Friend

Junior Elders - 14/Jan/2019

Well, I have a confession. I have a female best friend. For the last 8 years. Source… read

Happy Birthday To Me

Linda's World of Style - 14/Jan/2019

Seeing that this is my first post of the year, allow me to send you, my reader, new year wishes with love.. Hoping that your 2019 is off to a great start. Can you imagine that we are actually 14 days into the year, already? How fast have the days go… read



Hello people. . Yass.. It’s 2019,everyone is feeling optimistic and excited about it,I bet 2018 gave y’all a piece of it’s mind. Well in as much as 2018 seemed to be a tough year, it was also one  year  full of many lessons.To start with,the… read

Kenyan Beef Pilau Prepared Using Pilau Masala

Healthy African Foodie - 11/Jan/2019

Pilau is a common meal among the people of East Africa mostly among the coastal regions. Natives enjoy eating good ol’ Pilau with Kachumbari(East African The post Kenyan Beef Pilau Prepared Using Pilau Masala appeared first on Healthy African Foodi… read

The Sweetness of Cinnamon

AfroMapenzi - 11/Jan/2019

This spice cinnamon has got so many uses, it’s like the goddess of spices. I never thought I would be using it on my hair but I guess when we are looking for natural hair solutions, we use every remedy out there to give us the best results. Cinnamo… read

Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Body with Large LCD Screen | 0 – 6 Inches | Inch/Fractions/Millimeter Conversion

Sincereviewshq - 10/Jan/2019

When you require exact measuring, you reach for a caliper. But an accurate measurement is meaningless if you can’t read it accurately. This caliper takes an essential tool into the 21st century with an extra-large LCD digital readout for exact inte… read

A Year of Lessons

The Scroll - 10/Jan/2019

The year has gone by fast. By ‘the year’, I mean last year because this post was supposed to go up before 2018 closed its eyes. One minute the blog is down because the nice people at the domain company decided to ignore my payment, and the next,… read

Most Anticipated films of 2019

FlickHive - 10/Jan/2019

Hi Guys, glad to be back again this year, we’re still here!  We took the time off to come up with better ideas with regards to content and how we can improve our interaction with the community. 2019 is going… The post Most Anticipated films of 2… read

Lessons from 2018

The musings of Kajuzi! ;-) - 08/Jan/2019

2018 was a strangely tough and wonderful year for me. For the most part it was my year of liberation, the year i found freedom, the year i found myself and the year i truly searched and thankfully found God.For someone who has always had a responsibi… read

Fuliza Mpesa Loan

Loans Kenya Blog - 07/Jan/2019

Fuliza Mpesa loan is a form of overdraft by Kenya's largest telco Safaricom and it's mshwari partner Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA).The service first mentioned late last year by Safaricom is now operational and available to Mpesa users who choose to… read

Death by Love

Thuo Ndung'u Jnr - 05/Jan/2019

His big cold hands came into contact with her smooth warm skin immediately the door closed behind them. They were alone now, thus, for the first time that day; they could get away from the façade they had built for the outside world. His warm breath… read