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Cardamom Matoke Curry

Kane's Kitchen Affair - 19/Jun/2019

My typical matoke starter park is lots of curry powder- tripe(matumbo)- and ginger. However this time, I’ll be adding beef to the dish as opposed to beef. I’ve always had a typical way of cooking things, like a formula, and for some things I stil… read

The Imposter

The Scroll - 18/Jun/2019

The Imposter will come upon you quickly and suddenly. She will come often but that won’t stop you from being startled each time she pounces, from feeling winded each time she fades into the background of your life, leaving you to begin building a f… read

A Dossier on Harambee Stars Heading Into AFCON 2019

THE 18 YARD JOB - 16/Jun/2019

  Harambee Stars, Kenya’s men’s football team, will be taking part in AFCON 2019, the national football competition for the 24 best African teams, from June 19th in Egypt. This is a rare occurrence, make no bones about it. Harambee stars have on… read

Shame in MMUST as Prof. Bosire’s Orchestrated Unionists Ambush Council Meeting

MMUST NEWS™- Campus Blog - 16/Jun/2019

It was a very sad and unfortunate day on Friday the 14th June 2019, as union officials stampeded into an on-going university council meeting, breathing fire to throw the council chairperson out of MMUST should she refuse to stop [the council] meeting… read

Welcome to my Podcast Channel + Changes and Changes


Melanin Awakening!! Yaaaaaas! That is right. I just started a podcast channel and my first podcast is up. I know, I know. I am not your favorite person in the world right now because of my inconsistency in blogging. Guess what though? Podcasting is e… read


MISS MALIKA - 15/Jun/2019

I read and walked miles at night along the beach,writing bad verse and searching endlessly for someone wonderful who would step out of darkness and change my life. It never crossed my mind that person could be me. read


KINASISI - 14/Jun/2019

A story by Kimaru Kim.  Months to your twentieth birthday, a thread of beards will show on your face. They will be visible, quite unique and outstanding. They will resemble a broom in a rural home, tired of the banal task of sweeping the dust of an… read

The Narrow Escape that Never Was

Decent Conversations - 13/Jun/2019

Courtesy: Growing up there was always something to look forward to. Do not get excited, it never was that serious but just ‘a narrow escape’. At every stage I look forward to the next available ‘escape’. I am told as a toddler, I… read

Never Say “I’m Sorry” Unless You Mean It…..

The Mehul Blogs - 12/Jun/2019

Good Aftrenoon Peeps 12/06/2019 #25 We often refuse to talk to each other for years after an argument just because neither side wants to be the first to let go of their pride and apologize. But who decided apologizing was a sign of weakness? read


musyimisue - 11/Jun/2019

I don’t understand grief, I don’t know how it really feels to loose someone I love and care about. Not loosing like we no longer talk but loosing a person to the universe. Knowing in my mind that I will wake up tomorrow and not see them again, th… read

The Turn-Up

#SpreadTheGospel - 11/Jun/2019

In case you're wondering how parties and reading the Bible are co-related; I am simply showing you that God is very much invested in us having a good time. :)… read

Naughty Professor: Part Two

Thuo Ndung'u Jnr - 11/Jun/2019

She hesitantly typed the professor’s first suggested into the computer browser then held her finger over the enter key for a second or two, knowing that she was only one click away from the point of no return. read

Malindi Tourist Market Tour

Bybapeaches - 10/Jun/2019

Malindi Tourist Market is an Afro-Craft outdoor market located along Osteria Restaurant Road In Malindi. I toured the Tourist market a day ago, during my Instagram take over on Bloggersineastafrica Instagram account whereby I showcased bits and parts… read


Dennis Mukoya 'No Chills' Blog - 09/Jun/2019

Alexander III, King of Macedonia was a man of inimitable achievement. That he ultimately earned himself the eternal moniker of ‘Alexander the Great’ is not a matter of conjecture but something borne out of solid achievement. As stated in an earli… read

Introducing Dorcas.

Kriscalf Exposed - 06/Jun/2019

“…I don’t even know if church was the place for these kinds of ideas, but I detected a new story with this one. There had to be…” (Previously) As the service progressed, I concentrated to an extent, I am sure it was not 100%. However hard I… read

Enough of this – next ….

Mama Cekes speaks - 02/Jun/2019

This is a very special month for me. Why you may ask … It is my Birthday month. About to hit the big Five ‘O’ but short by a few months !!! I googled to see if there was anything special about this funny number – but honestly – after 45 yrs… read


WALK WITH ME - 02/Jun/2019

Somewhere today, a woman is sad. She is heartbroken. She is depressed. Her self esteem and confidence is almost completely gone. She cries every night and the reason for this is a fellow woman. A fellow woman who tore her down before others just to m… read

Upgrade Poetry: How Tetu Shani grew his fanbase in Nakuru

LaMusicJunkie - 31/May/2019

Sunday mornings in Nairobi are simply the best. No traffic jam at all, not even in the CBD. And you can actually see the ground you’re walking on in advance. I thought I would listen to Caffe Mocha, one of my favourite Kenyan radio shows, on the ro… read

Combining climate action with agri-business key in transforming Africa

Our Planet with Anthony Mugo - 30/May/2019

An emerging school of thought about implications of climate change sheds light on a dimension of the phenomenon that is rarely given due attention - opportunities brought about by climate change. Proponents of this perspective, such as Dr Richard Mu… read

It's Never Too Late to Make Your Ramadan Great!


As we near the halfway mark of the month of Ramadan, has your ‘month of fasting’ gone just as you expected it would? Or have you faced unexpected trials and setbacks that have made your Ramadan unexpectedly difficult?There is still PLENTY of time… read