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Venerable African statesman and revered world leader, South African President (emeritus) Nelson Mandela once postured, “Education is the greatest equalizer, the legitimate bridge between penury and privilege.” He was most certainly accurate in th…


How to grow a food blog-Here are my easy tips.

So you’re feeling compelled to share your love for food with the world and you’re unsure about where to start. Maybe you already have a food blog and you’re unsure about how to move forward and grow it. I totally relate, I was in those […] Th…


Storytelling: How To Create Games That Resonate Inter-culturally. [ Animated Videos]

 I recently started an animated YouTube channel where I convert my written content into video format. This piece was posted on my medium follow the link below if you prefer reading, and enjoy the videos if you are like me and love animations.READ MO…

Creative Writing


Hello, everyone. I’ve been working on chapter eight of La Bel, but so far I haven’t written a draft I’m proud... The post Trauma appeared first on The Wambugu.



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Hiking the Black Mountain, Oldonyo Orok

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu. What Lao didn't clarify is that the succeeding steps will require determination and a BOLD will not to give up.

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The best teachers don't give you the answers. They just point the way and let you make your own choices and your own mistakes, that way, you get all the glory and you deserve it.


FAZ suspends Indeni coach Mwenya Chipepo

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has suspended Indeni Football Club Head Coach Mwenya Chipepo indefinitely for his unsavoury comments in the aftermath of his side’s 13th June 2021 league clash against Forest Rangers which ended 0-0. Mwenya…


William Hill Hike: And the Boots Start to Sing

Unlocking William Hill Hiking William Hill is like dancing. Or if you cannot dance, it’s like standing in the shower singing your heart out – with clothes on and water off. But if you are like me; can’t dance or stand the sound of your unfilter…


Nutrition A-Z: Guide to the nutritional components of foods

Allyl Sulphides These phytochemicals are found in the onion-family plants – onions, leek, spring onions, chives, shallot, and garlic. Allyl […] The post Nutrition A-Z: Guide to the nutritional components of foods appeared first on Pregnancy and F…


How to Present a Petition to Parliament in Kenya

The procedure to present a petition to Parliament in Kenya is stipulated in the Petition to Parliament (Procedure) Act. The Act gives effect to Article 37 of the Constitution on the right to petition the National Assembly or the Senate. A member of t…


How to immigrate to Canada from Kenya in 2021

Read on to find out how to immigrate to Canada from Kenya in 2021 as I will show you the different options through which Kenyans can move to Canada. The easiest and fastest way to move to Canada as a Kenyan is to decide where you want to live in Cana…